event: Timer and I/O Event Manager library


event library is a simple C-language library (module) implementing a single threading core that allows a process to wait for multiple I/O and/or timer events. The module should work on a reasonable *nix system and uses several "advanced" event monitoring mechanism (like Linux epoll, FreeBSD kqueue and Solaris /dev/poll) as well as traditional poll() and select() mechanisms, whichever are available on a given platform. The library is somewhat similar to several others, like

and others. This module tries to be simplest and fastest but yet easy to use. The module is used in proxycheck the open proxy checker.

There is no fancy installation procedure (yet), the module consists of 3 files - event.h (header file to use when compiling other programs), event.c - main source code, and event.3 the manual page describes module functionality in great details. The manpage is also available in html format.

The module is ready to use autoconf-style macros during compilation. The following preprocessor directives are recognized:

In order to compile the event.o module, specify one or several symbols above (as appropriate for your system; or use autoconf tests) on command line, that's basically all.


event module is a free software, it may be used and distributed in terms of LGPL version 2 or later.


Download it right here.

This module is written by Michael Tokarev. You may reach me via email at mjt(at)corpit(dot)ru.
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