[Avcheck] Total crash when running postfix flush

Tarjei Huse tarjei@nu.no
Thu, 10 Apr 2003 19:39:50 +0200


This might be OT, the future will show. I've been running a setup w/postfix and 
avcheck now for about 2 years, and been generaly very happy with it. 

However, the last few weeks, I've experienced a lot of trouble. The server has 
repetedly crashed hard without any entries in the log or anywere else telling me 
why. As you might understand, I've scratched my head and thought of verious 
hardwareproblems that might be the reason for this. 

However, today I've seen the machine crash consistently when I run the postfix 
flush command. As you might understand, I'm happy that I might see the end of 
this. However, it is quite hard to find the bug in this. So what I am asking 
from you is some tips that might help me get this debugged so I might solve the 

Do you have any tips?

All I get out of it is:

run postfix flush

and then some commands (ls, cp, mv) works, but ps and all postfix related 
commands stop working (you may get back to the terminal by using CTRL-C). Also, 
logging in stops working for all users. The load rises fast up tu 10/30/40 and 
you have to restart.

I hope you might help me find the problem.


Tarjei Huse

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