[Avcheck] avcheck and drweb

Sergey Akhapkin Sergey Akhapkin <asv@drweb.ru>
Fri, 16 May 2003 16:15:15 +0400

Hello Mindaugas,

Friday, May 16, 2003, 3:54:56 PM, you wrote:

MR>   Now we are considering adding virus checking to
MR> our mail server. For antivirus software we are
MR> considering DrWeb. Support in http://forum.drweb.ru/unix/
MR> looks impressive and price and pricing policy
MR> seems very acceptable.

MR>   So a bit stupid question :). What additional
MR> features avcheck would give us? If we'd use it
MR> instead of drweb-postfix?


1) CONTRA: avcheck faster that drweb-postfix:
  - drweb-postfix is loaded at each message
  - avcheck is loaded one time during system start

2) PRO: drweb-postfix has some useful features:
  - users list (who should be checked)
  - blocking notifications to some addresses (for example only to
    local users)
  - blocking notifications by virus name (extremely useful against
    Klez and others Mass Mail Worms which fakes addresses)
  - and more, more ...

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