[rbldnsd] starting out with rbldnsd: all is REFUSED

Michael Tokarev rbldnsd@corpit.ru
Wed, 15 Oct 2003 16:06:11 +0400

David Landgren wrote:

> rbldnsd ...
> dig -p 20053 @ A

The syntax is: base_dn:type:file.  Your base_dn seems to be
dnsbl.bpinet.com, not or ;)
Sure rbldnsd will refuse to answer to the above question,
because it knows nothing about dnsbl.bpinet.com, and it is
not a recursive resolver.  Base_dn is what you put in $BASE
for rbldns.  I don't know what did you mean by specifying
IP addresses here, but the command line should look like:

   rbldnsd ... dnsbl.bpinet.com:ip4set:2.data dnsbl.bpinet.com:dnset:5.data

> One other question, for the record .sendmeoffers.com do I test that with 
> com.sendmeoffers.dnsbl.bpinet.com or sendmeoffers.com.dnsbl.bpinet.com . 
> The documentation isn't clear on the matter (or I can't read 
> documentation, a distinct possibility).

Well, domain names always used in the normal form:
sendmeoffers.com.dnsbl.bpinet.com.  Only IP addresses
will be in reverse.

BTW, when you want to list both sendmeoffers.com and *.sendmeoffers.com,
use ..sendmeoffers.com (two leading dots).  sendmeoffers.com matches
this domain only, not any subdomain, and .sendmeoffers.com does not
match sendmeoffers.com itself.  ..sendmeoffers.com is a shortcut for
two lines:
   .sendmeoffers.com ..
   sendmeoffers.com  ..