[rbldnsd] config file question

Vincent Jordan rbldnsd@corpit.ru
Sat, 15 Nov 2003 09:41:46 -0500


I understand I can use the following to check for ip addresses:
Server "my ip"
Set type=al

and I get a return of the record

how would I test for domain name? 

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Vincent Jordan wrote:
> Im running rbldnsd as an internal dns blacklist. 

Vincent, did you read my previous email?
I already answered to your question.

> Currently my confg is:
> :
> :
> : Block
> : NOC

What do you want these entries to do?  All but last of them are
just ignored, because next overwrites previous one.

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> I run this file with:
> rbldnsd  -w /home/zone -b  bl.cyberspeed.us:ip4set:ip
> I would like to also use a domain based file. Ive currently got:
> :
> :
> : Block
> : NOC
> example.com:2:this is an example
> *.example.com:3:another example
> when I run with this:
> rbldnsd  -w /home/zone -b  bl.cyberspeed.us:ip4set:ip,name

As i already shown you:

  rbldnsd -w /home/zone -b  bl.cyberspeed.us:ip4set:ip

Please either read responses, or don't ask.


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