[rbldnsd] pre-announce: rbldnsd-0.990pre0

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Wed Nov 19 21:56:21 MSK 2003

Version numbering fun.  Next stable version will be 0.990,
because I still don't fell it is possible to release 1.0.
But it's very close already...

This is a pre-announce for now, to test two modifications
I made to the 0.99 release.  Namely:

  - when the query matches several RRs with different TTLs
    (e.g. from different datasets), rbldnsd now sets smallest
    TTL in ALL RRs of this type.

  - when several RRs of the same type exists in generic dataset,
    we now trying to return them in "random" order.  The
    "randomization" is very dumb for now.

This is in order to address issues pointed out by Victor
Duchovni and Furio Ercolessi.


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