[rbldnsd] dnset Not Rejecting

Armando Ortiz aortiz at onlinetraffic.com
Mon Nov 24 21:00:24 MSK 2003

I'm running the following command line:
/opt/rbldnsd/rbldnsd -b -c 1 -l +/var/log/rbldnsd.log -u
nobody -w /opt/rbldnsd \
        rbl.coloservices.com:ip4set:sbldata.conf \

Which yields the following:
rbldnsd: listening on
rbldnsd: dnset:dnsdata.conf: 20031124 174213: e/w=3/2
rbldnsd: ip4set:sbldata.conf: 20031124 174653: e32/24/16/8=83045/32185/0/0
rbldnsd: rbldnsd version 0.99 (16 Sep 2003) started (1 socket(s))

The sbldata.conf seems to work just dandy, however, the domains for dnset
are pretty much being ignored.

This is what I have for my slbdata.conf file:
<ip list follows here>

This is what I have in my dnsdata.conf file:

I was using Yahoo mail as a testbed to see if my mailserver would reject
incoming from domains but it's not.  Any ideas?

Armando Ortiz
The On-Line Traffic School, Inc.
Senior Security/Network Administrator

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