compile udns-0.0.9 on an MIPSEL-architecture

Michael Tokarev mjt at
Sat Sep 5 13:02:24 MSD 2009

Andreas Albert wrote:
> Hi...
> i've made the changes in the configure.lib. But now, there is another 
> Compiler-Error:
>                 make -j2 -C  all \
>                 CCOPT="-fPIC -Os -pipe -march=4kc -Wa,--trap 
> make: *** all: No such file or directory.  Schluss.
> make: *** [source/udns-0.0.9/] Fehler 2
> Can anyone help me?

This is not related to udns.  Fix your command line.
`man make' will help to figure out the meaning of options you used.


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