[rbldnsd] adding records to private rbl

Alex Broens rbldnsd@corpit.ru
Tue, 28 Oct 2003 20:50:02 +0100

At 20:41 28.10.2003 Armando Ortiz  wrote:
>I wrote a script that parses a mail folder I created (for SquirrelMail)
>and one that parses the email headers of a few spamtraps I have.  They
>dump these into a database.
>The database is then queried on a machine running my RBL and rebuilds the
>IP list I've collected and so far it seems to work just fine.
>How familiar are you with PHP and MySQL? 


I think I can I can handle it quite well (unless I have to start from scratch) if I can get hold of a db dump file.

If you're using Squirrel, I suspect its in maildir format which would be perfect, otherwise I could set up somethign to provide an mbox.

Would really appreciate this.

big thanks