[rbldnsd] adding records to private rbl

Armando Ortiz rbldnsd@corpit.ru
Tue, 28 Oct 2003 11:55:56 -0800 (PST)

That's fine...I'm about to go to lunch but I'll post my scripts here after
I'm back and provide the SQL dump file for you to start with.  It's
relatively easy to do.

One thing you could also do is create a spamtrap on your mail server
(basically just an email address that nobody would check or login to).

I created the user "strapper" and route spamtraps to it.  ^_^  It's
actually catching quite a bit more than I anticipated and I'm quite
pleased with the results.  The only place I posted my spamtrap email was
on the NANAE newsgroup and within 10 minutes I started to get emails

I concatenate my own database with the SPEWS list every hour, check my
database every minute to update my own list and update my SPEWS list at
11:55pm every night so I'm pretty hardened as far as that goes.

> At 20:41 28.10.2003 Armando Ortiz  wrote:
>>I wrote a script that parses a mail folder I created (for SquirrelMail)
>>and one that parses the email headers of a few spamtraps I have.  They
>>dump these into a database.
>>The database is then queried on a machine running my RBL and rebuilds the
>>IP list I've collected and so far it seems to work just fine.
>>How familiar are you with PHP and MySQL?
> Armando,
> I think I can I can handle it quite well (unless I have to start from
> scratch) if I can get hold of a db dump file.
> If you're using Squirrel, I suspect its in maildir format which would be
> perfect, otherwise I could set up somethign to provide an mbox.
> Would really appreciate this.
> big thanks
> Alex
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