[rbldnsd] dnset Not Rejecting

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Mon Nov 24 22:57:52 MSK 2003

Armando Ortiz wrote:
> Ok, now this begs the question on how do I fix it.
> I assume you're headed towards my DNS server configuration for this, yes?

Hmm?  I guess the problem is due to your misunderstanding of the

A "name-based" DNSBL, aka RHSBL or right-hand-side BL, is a DNS zone
where you list domain names, just like ip addresses in DNSBL or
IP-based BL.  That is, instead of testing for,
you test for example.net.example.com.  Your mail software should have
support for RHSBL to check host NAMES against it, not IP addresses.
Examples of RHSBLs are several lists of rfc-ignorant.org, rhsbl.sorbs.net,
rhsbl.ahbl.org and others.


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