[rbldnsd] dnset Not Rejecting

Armando Ortiz aortiz at onlinetraffic.com
Tue Nov 25 00:04:29 MSK 2003

Ok...this explains where I messed up.

I was under the impression that mail being sent from a specific host that
would match anything in the dnset (*.mail.yahoo.com) would get blocked. 
This clears up quite a bit.

> Armando Ortiz wrote:
>> Ok, now this begs the question on how do I fix it.
>> I assume you're headed towards my DNS server configuration for this,
>> yes?
> Hmm?  I guess the problem is due to your misunderstanding of the
> concept.
> A "name-based" DNSBL, aka RHSBL or right-hand-side BL, is a DNS zone
> where you list domain names, just like ip addresses in DNSBL or
> IP-based BL.  That is, instead of testing for,
> you test for example.net.example.com.  Your mail software should have
> support for RHSBL to check host NAMES against it, not IP addresses.
> Examples of RHSBLs are several lists of rfc-ignorant.org, rhsbl.sorbs.net,
> rhsbl.ahbl.org and others.
> /mjt
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