[rbldnsd] error message after 0.99 to 0.991

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Mon Dec 1 11:09:11 MSK 2003

Robin Lynn Frank wrote:
> After upgrading,
> $DATASET ip4set multihop
> produces,
> ip4set:bl: bl(19): invalid or unrecognized special entry

How your command line looks like?  What's in the data file?

> I'm just getting things set up and have been pretty much sticking with an 
> adaptation of what is in man rbldnsd (under the paragraph: Example  of  a  
> complete dataset).  didn't get that error with 0.99

The example dataset works here just fine...  There's one error, near
example MX record - missing preference field, other things works.

In order to diagnose your problem you have to provide some more details.
Most likely you're using some other dataset type, not `combined' (the
line you shown above only recognized for combined dataset).

While looking at this, I found an error in generic dataset - master
file dump function (-d) does not work for quite some time.. fixed.


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