[rbldnsd] Integrating rbldnsd with the rest of our DNS?

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Mon Dec 8 01:14:44 MSK 2003

Robin Lynn Frank wrote:
> As we are keeping this local for now, I already had the below in our 
> named.conf and I have rbldnsd listening on port 53
>      zone "bl.paradigm-omega.net" {
>         type forward;
>         forward first;

forward always maybe? ;)
But oh, I don't know modern BIND config file syntax...

>         forwarders {
>       ;
>         };
> };
> I guess I am not as dumb as I thought, but have some other problem with our 
> config.

Hmm... what exactly does not work?
Note that bind has ability to log what it does, and this ability may be
helpful here.


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