[rbldnsd] user/group question

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Mon Dec 8 18:24:42 MSK 2003

Robin Lynn Frank wrote:
> Installation by rpm results in the creation of user/group rbldns (at least it 
> did here), but man rbldnsd says:
>        -u user[:group]
>               rbldnsd will change its userid  to  the  specified  user,  which
>               defaults  to rbldnsd, and group, which by default is the primary
>                                  ^

This is a typo in the manpage that I *again* forgot to fix.  Should be rbldns,
not rbldnsd.  And I don't remember already why it is so (i.e. somewhat inconsistent) -
program named rbldnsD but default user is without the trailing D...  Maybe because
DJB's rbldns used this username...


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